Wheat, barley, oats, canola, pastures … its part of the Australian heritage!

Since 2002, Hybrid-Ag has worked along with many broad acre farmers to assist in achieving
substantially better use of fertilisers and above all, better economic and environmental results.

Covering every state of Australia, grain growers occupy almost 20 million hectares of productive land.
Producing a wide variety of cereal products, Australian grains are internationally regarded for their high-quality and reliability, both as bulk commodity exports and value-added products – valued at approximately $9 billion-a-year.

The nutrient levels in our soils – including biology, minerals and physical structure – have been severely depleted and/or damage over many years and as stewards of 61% of Australia’s land mass, farmers have a unique responsibility to care for the soil in a way that preserves this vital resource for generations to come.

Hybrid-Ag can help you do just that!

Since 2002, Hybrid-Ag has worked along with many broad acre farmers to assist in achieving substantially better use of fertilisers and above all, better economic and environmental results.

Hybrid-Ag has made an ‘art form’ of formulating specific blends of nutrients that have been accurately tailored from soil test data to perfectly match individual soil requirements, giving the ultimate fertilising result. This is an economical, no-compromise approach to soil fertility.

Our 3 Step Service

Step 1: Analyse

Without accurate analysis it is impossible to provide the best advice, or make accurately guided decisions. At Hybrid-Ag we use an independent soil and tissue testing service which gives us genuinely comprehensive test data that is wonderfully easy to read and understand. This test includes a number of parameters not included in other tests. You cannot make the best decisions for your enterprise without having the best soil and plant analysis. If you already have recent tests from another laboratory, we can take that data and process it in our Audit program and prescribe a recommendation. Wherever possible we like to have more comprehensive data, as it gives necessary information which makes the analysis process far more accurate.

Step 2: Prescribe

The next step is to work out what your soil actually needs, based on the soil test data. This is rarely straightforward, but the Hybrid-Ag recommendation page helps in the process by showing in KG/HA the amount of each nutrient that particular soil needs to bring it into balance. The critical advantage here is that we are supplying exactly the nutrients that your soil needs, but NONE of the nutrients NOT needed. One of Hybrid’s experienced consultants can assist you in the process of working out the best mix of inputs to exactly match your soil’s needs, in accordance with your budget requirements.

Step 3: Supply

Here there is three options available, Granular Blends which can be custom manufactured to suit the application be it at sowing or in crop, Liquid Injection at Seeding using the BNS Easy Flow liquid application system or Liquid Blended Fertilisers which are used in foliar applications in crop to complement or replace Granular applications.

Dry Blending

Granular Blends can be custom ordered or blended to suit individual applications using a range of products such as:

  • MAP
  • DAP
  • Ammonium Sulfate
  • UREA
  • Humates
  • Trace Elements

Liquid Blending

Hybrid Ag follows a very similar process to the one above with your liquids. By using NPK and Calcium ingredients, Hybrid Ag can produce World Leading Liquid Fertilisers. Instead of using humates to buffer the fertilizer, a range of Chelating agents, Fish, Kelp and Fulvic and Humic Acids are used. This works to create a truly synergistic liquid, which ensures the most efficient plant uptake possible.

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