Soil and Leaf Tests

An accurate and comprehensive analysis is a vital investment
Comprehensive soil and tissue tests

Hybrid Ag has an arrangement, through Spectrum Analytical Pty Ltd, with a major certified independent Australian soil laboratory, giving our clients access to genuinely comprehensive soil and tissue tests that are set out in extremely easy to read and understand graph form.

The test includes a number of parameters that are simply not included in other soil tests. While some other tests may include some of the features, this one ‘pulls them all together’. With fertilizers being applied based on test data, it is critical that the data is accurate, complete and correctly interpreted.

Spectrum Analytical provide, as part of the program, a simple but comprehensive summary of the soil test data. This is clear information that anyone can easily read and understand and includes a list of all the elements that are in excess; those that are deficient; a general summary; a fertility status guide, as well as the amount of every element, shown in kg/ha, that needs to be applied to that particular soil to bring it into true balance. This complete analysis gives you the information you need to make truly informed decisions regarding what inputs your soil really needs to achieve high fertility status and to start to deliver the results you want and need.

Spectrum also includes a unique soil solution test as a separate analysis from the main test. This soil is saturated in water and then the water is extracted and tested for nutrient lode. This is like a ‘second soil test’ for free as a check, and is useful to analyse along with the tissue test data for nutrients easily available to the plants.

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