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Nutrient Analysis

Soil Tests are a fundamental first step in creating a balanced soil that will deliver high quality plant growth and yields. By fully understanding your soil’s needs you can influence outcomes and, therefore, maximise your profits. Hybrid Ag has partnered with CSBP Labs in WA to conduct our soil testing. CSBP has a highly skilled team, automated processes, robust methods and equipment, we analyse thousands of samples per day, ensuring fast turnarounds and quality results. To see the CSBP soil test journey click here


By adding a number of extra tests like the Saturation Paste and Total Phosphorus, we are able to gain insights into Nutrient Availability that exceeds other tests we have been exposed to in the past. The Hybrid Ag test interpretation process also identifies the Total Nutrient carrying capacity of your soil and means that providing highly detailed and useful insights into actual requirements of nutrient is possible.


Differential Leaf Extract Tests are a means of measuring the nutrient requirements of the plant throughout every phenological growth stage. There are several key steps that can be influenced to deliver consistently high quality, nutrient-dense produce. This means firm, flavoursome produce with a long shelf life and a natural resistance to disease and insect damage.

Hybrid Ag has partnered with NovaCrop Control in the Netherlands to provide Differential Leaf Extract. NovaCrop Control is a research and test centre specializing in testing cellular plant fluids.

A leaf extract analysis provides insight in the actual uptake of nutrients by the plant. This reveals important information about the plant‘s health status. An optimal and balanced uptake of nutrients has a positive effect on the plant‘s natural disease resistance and, for example, on the quality, firmness and shelf life of fruits.

Differential Leaf Extract analysis vs. dry matter analysis

When using a dry matter analysis, a deficiency in nutrient uptake will be revealed only 4 or 6 weeks after the actual nutrient deficiency was caused. This is why fertilization adjustments often will come too late. By analysing cellular plant material, a nutrient deficiency will be revealed within a few days. This is why Differential Leaf Extract is a powerful tool to manage and adjust fertilization strategies quickly and precisely.

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