We have worked with the horticultural growers of Australia for many years, covering almost every type of Horticultural crop grown across every state of Australia.

Our approach is to form a life-long partnership with the Growers who come to us – sharing a vision to increase the yields and quality of fruit, and reduce expenditure and dependency on chemical fertilisers.

Hybrid-Ag is the company that has the nutrient management systems and solutions to produce superior food nutrient density and higher profitability at a farm gate level.

Many of the existing farming practices used in horticulture are depleting the soil – and are up for re-evaluation. We offer a new nutrient delivery system that puts life back into the land, producing higher quality fruit crops with a greater nutritional value for years to come.

Step 1: Soil Test and Analysis

Testing the soil is the starting point. We use an independent soil testing service which provides comprehensive test data presented in a format that is very easy to read and understand. This test includes a number of parameters not included in other tests. If you already have recent tests from another laboratory, we can process these in our audit program and prepare a recommendation. Wherever possible we like to have more comprehensive data, as it gives the necessary detailed information which makes the analysis process far more accurate.

Step 2: Nutrient Program Planning

We then work with you to create a totally customised soil and plant nutrient program for the season ahead. This can be to address a specific problem or an ongoing program that will keep your soil healthy and provide optimum yield and profitability year to year.

Step 3: Soil and Root Primers and Ground Nutrient Application

We manufacture a custom nutrient blend, which is determined from the results of the soil analysis, into a specifically designed carbon base, complemented with a unique combination

of bacterial inoculants and microbial bio-stimulants that are designed to increase root system vigour and nutrient availability.

Step 4 : Custom Bloom Optimisation

Using the best research and latest data available, we create a unique nutrient program made from proprietary nutrient blends that ensure the strongest possible flowering whilst also enabling the plant to maximise cell division.

Step 5 : Differential Leaf Sap Test and Analysis

The Hybrid-Ag Leaf Sap Analysis is unique in Australia. The Differential Leaf Sap Analysis (DSA) is a new testing method which can be likened to a human blood test, that reports nutrient levels in the tree or plant in near real time. It can highlight nutritional deficiencies, movements and excesses, often 2-4 weeks before standard tissue or ash tests can. By analysing leaf samples from both old leaves and new leaves it is possible to track movement and translocation of different nutrients throughout the plant, providing deep insights and more accurate nutrient application recommendations throughout the growing season.

Step 6 : Custom Yield Maximisation

Using data from the Differential Leaf Sap Analysis (DSA) results in Step 5, we build targeted nutritional foliar and fertigation applications that support the production of high quality fruit and bud development.

Step 7 : Post-Harvest Applications

Post-Harvest Applications of specific products designed to prepare the tree for dormancy and store up reserves of nutrients for a powerful start to the following season.

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