Transforming Food For Health

What if the true superfoods – the foods that will truly improve your health – are simply any foods grown with optimum mineral balance? With our knowledge of plant and soil science, rooted in physics and chemistry – we understand crops and food grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the food most of us get today. Hybrid-Ag is passionate about educating people about the importance of nutrient density, and the significant beneficial impact this can have on our health and the environment. We help people to apply this knowledge, with a view to transform food quality as we know it today.


We share our knowledge about the science of soil and plant health and nutrient dense food with growers, agronomists, and consumers.


We apply the learnings to the land – working closely with our network to innovate, improve our methods, and achieve better outcomes.


We work with passion and precision to transform food nutrient density as we know it today.

Soil & Leaf Tests

Soil Tests are a fundamental first step in creating a balance soil that will deliver high quality plant growth and yields. By fully understanding your soil’s needs you can influence outcomes and, therefore, maximise your profits.

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Attention to detail with regards to identifying soil characteristics. Staff who can understand soil and plant requirements and provide solutions to constraints. A broad suite of products to increase productivity

Ben Ranford

Good product, knowledgeable & supportive, finally a company interested in soil health

Colin Winterton

Great product and service – competent, reliable, effective

Chapman Orchards

We have been a customer of Hybrid-Ag’s since before they came to Wangaratta and have never had a problem with their products.

Eddie – Stonefruit Grower

The prescription approach has improved many aspects of our growing cycle, including better plant health, better tasting fruit, and insect and disease resistant plants. Overall I think that Hybrid Ag has created a unique product which works very well as a result of creative blends of ingredients, in ideal ratios

Andrew Smith – Smith’s Fruit

The team at Hybrid-Ag gave great plant/science advice with follow-up which produced great crops, which allowed me to maximise my profits and retire.

Trevor Holmes, Red Hill Cherry Farm

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