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Our Commitment

We are committed to achieving the best results for the grower

Working with plant physiology, mineral balance, biological processes; using world class soil & leaf testing laboratories, incorporating customer feedback, precise product design and leaning on historical and recent research, we strive to help growers produce more food, of a higher nutrient quality, that increases farm profits.

The Hybrid-Ag team’s core skill is to ensure that inputs are optimised right throughout the season to deliver the best possible outcomes and profitability for every grower. Time-tested programs, attention to detail and access to one of the most significant technical resource databases in the world, underpin exceptional service standards.

We’ve built our business on testing rather than guessing, customising all our nutrient programs, and sharing our research and knowledge. In the last few years, it’s become abundantly clear that this trilateral approach comprises the pillars that support our entire operation.

Our philosophy is about always doing the right thing for the people we work with, focusing on the right applications, at the right times, to deliver the best outcomes, which, in turn deliver exceptional value for money. And it is this that makes Hybrid-Ag a partner of choice for any grower wishing to maximise profits, using a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and economical nutrient program.

Our Commitment

Everything we do revolves around achieving the best possible results for you, the grower – working closely together to achieve a clear, specific outcome for your crops that increases the quality of your produce, improves your yields, and grows your profits.

The food we support growers to produce looks better, tastes better, and supports human health with richer nutrient profiles. Consumers are becoming more aware of what’s in the food they eat, and how it’s grown. We work to get growers ahead of this market shift – producing beautiful, nutrient dense food with a higher sale value.

It’s not just that better quality food can command a better price. Growing crops according to these methods also delivers healthier soil, which means the parcel of land your business stands on increases in value. We are driven by the knowledge that we can not only improve the value of your food product, but also the value of your property. For growers – it’s not just about the crop, it’s about your business. So why not work with the latest advances in soil and plant science to get the best possible outcomes?

We are committed to giving you access to our knowledge, as well as the science behind our methods and our products. We’ve found that this is a very effective way of doing things that stands to benefit every layer of your business; we don’t want to just turn up and tell you what to do, we want to help you understand the science so you can make the best decisions for your operation, and then pass on this knowledge to the next generation. Sharing this knowledge not only empowers you, it positively impacts the health of plants and soil across the world, and the nutrient content of the food our society needs to thrive.

So this is not just about products – it’s about supplying you with a wealth of knowledge accumulated from years of research, and learnings from many years of experience.

According to conventional wisdom, some of the things we are trying to do can’t be done. However, we have seen evidence to the contrary on countless occasions, as we challenge the existing belief systems to explore what else is possible.

We’re building on pioneering research and developments in nutrient science, biology and plant physiology – collaborating with our colleagues in science and the farming community to create an atmosphere of real innovation.

Educate . Apply . Transform

We love to educate people about food nutrient density and how that impacts soil health, plant health, animal health and ultimately, human health. We provide science-based management tools to help farmers and growers apply this knowledge to increase the nutrient density of the food they grow. We then help consumers to apply that knowledge to assist their food purchasing decisions. The implementation of this remarkable vision will transform food nutrient density as we know it today and provide a pathway, through food, to optimum human health.

Bridging The Gap

Linking scientific discovery with nature’s ways, our cutting edge methods enable growers to give their plants what they need to grow better crops.

Our focus is always on the outcome. Better, stronger crops with higher nutrient density, and more profitability for the grower.

It all starts with analysis and testing. We’re able to understand what is going on at the nutritional, microbial and molecular levels through soil and plant analysis, providing a comprehensive investigation into the health of your farmland and crops.

Then we create a uniquely tailored program for your land and crops – formulating and prescribing specially blended fertilisers to deliver a complex nutrient profile to the soil, as well as targeted applications through the season to work towards soil balance and to provide the nutrients your crops need to grow superior quality food.

Our methods mean that when we partner with you, we work with put value back into your land, increasing the profitability of your crops using solutions that are proven by science.

The simple seven step process we use forms the framework for building a fully tailored nutrient package to help you build on the great results you’ve achieved in the past, and raise the bar on your produce and profits.

Test. Don’t Guess

We believe that only with excellent information can we make the crucial decisions that will help our farming enterprises thrive and succeed. Our team lives and breathes the mantra of test, don’t guess.

Soil Tests are a fundamental first step in creating a well-balanced soil that will provide optimum nutrient delivery for high quality plant growth and yields. By fully understanding your soil’s needs you can influence outcomes and, therefore, maximise your profits.

X-ray or blood test? The Differential Leaf Extract is unique in Australia. The Differential Leaf Extract Analysis we use is a new testing method which can be likened to a human blood test, as it reports nutrient levels in the tree or plant in near real time. It can highlight nutritional deficiencies, movements and excesses, often 2-4 weeks before standard tissue or ash tests can. By also analysing leaf samples from both old leaves and new leaves it is possible to track movement and translocation of different nutrients throughout the plant, providing deep insights and more accurate nutrient application recommendations throughout the growing season.

There are several key points of influence in every crop cycle that can be worked with to deliver consistently high quality, nutrient-dense produce. Working with these points of influence and using the leaf testing to understand exactly what our crop’s current nutritional status is, we can target inputs to achieve enhanced produce quality with a longer storage life and increased natural resistance to disease and insect damage.

Simple But Effective

We’re driven by our passion for creating quality, nutrient dense food and we uphold that commitment in our relationships with all the people we work with. We are relentless in pursuit of our shared goal, to create better quality crops that are more profitable for growers.

We work with precision, we’re solution-focused, and we build long-lasting, collaborative relationships with our network. We stay the course, share our knowledge, and support our growers on their journey to transform their soil, their crops, and their business.

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