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Our Team

Paul Bigley

Chief Commercial Officer

Paul has responsibility for overseeing Hybrid-Ag’s strategic growth, business development, commercial relationships.


A business growth strategist, Paul has significant experience in leading the sales and marketing functions of both large corporate enterprises and family-owned agribusiness.


Paul is married with two children. He is a keen property investor and is currently establishing his own vineyard in the Beechworth wine region.

Judah Rowe

Business Development & Technical Advisor

Judah is one of Hybrid-Ag’s leading nutritionists who has been instrumental in developing Hybrid-Ag’s soil and plant nutrition systems, programs and proprietary products.


Working primarily with our corporate growers, Judah provides a high level of expertise in all areas of agronomic advice and soil and plant nutrition to assist growers to achieve the best possible outcomes in terms of yield, crop quality and crop profitability.


Judah is married, loves music, adventure and living life to the fullest.

Andrew Smith

Horticulture Team Leader

Andrew has been one of Hybrid-Ag’s leading nutrition specialists for many years now, specialising in tree crops, helping growers to improve their crop quality, yields and profits. He adds considerable value, leveraging his experience as a third-generation cherry grower.


He is the owner and managing director of Smith’s Fruit, one of Australia’s leading cherry growers and an active member of the Australian cherry grower’s community.


Andrew is married and has five children. He is a keen motorcycle enthusiast and musician.

Tom Rowe

Founder & Managing Director

Tom is Hybrid-Ag’s founding director and visionary. He is the inspirational force that drives the company’s purpose.

Overseeing the entire operation, Tom is still highly active in the development of the business and instrumental in establishing a globally recognised standard for measuring the nutrient density of the food that we eat.

Andrew Sneyd

Program Manager – Broadacre & Pasture

Andrew is one of Hybrid-Ag’s broadacre and pasture specialists with over forty years’ experience as a leading crop nutritionist. He has developed an incredible network of growers and industry professionals and is actively involved in helping to develop our services and product range through regular crop trials.


Andrew currently holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, has a passion for mentoring our younger graduate agronomists and loves helping growers achieve their best possible outcomes.

Hamilton Rowe

National Sales Manager

Hamilton is a nutrient specialist with expertise across horticulture, viticulture, and small crops. He is actively involved in helping core program customers to optimise their crop yields and farm profitability.


He has been working at Hybrid-Ag for over seven years and has experience across various roles in the business, including manufacturing and marketing, before he joined the technical agronomist team.

Amos Rowe

General Manager

Amos assists the team with customer nutrition programs, product formulation and technical support, and is also involved in HR. Amos likes to keep fit and is an active member of his community

Katie Rowe

Finance and Administration Manager

Katie works in our Finance and Administration Team. With over 15 years experience in this kind of role, she loves making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently for our customers, suppliers and team. She enjoys watching her colleagues and company achieve success and is excited for what we are on track to accomplish in 2023.

Katie is married, enjoys interior home design, and is an active participant within her community.

Rebie Magdael

Office Administration Assistant

Rebie currently works under the Finance and Administration Team. She is a graduate of bachelor’s degree in Information Technology but pursued her passion and career in Facilities and Administrative roles. Part of her tasks is to ensure that any deals transferred under current orders must be processed in Pipedrive and Xero within the day, she is also responsible for creating invoice orders and producing dispatched reports. She also oversees and pays the expenses of the sales team, reconciling the Hybrid and Spectrum account as well as sending the monthly statements for the above-mentioned accounts. 

Rebie is a pet lover. She loves to feed strays and makes sure she always brings cat food with her. She currently owns 2 pet dogs and takes good care of 5 stray cats. To set her mood, she loves listening to her Spotify playlists and she is a K-pop music enthusiast.

Elle Cagadas

Country Manager

Elle has recently joined Hybrid-Ag as an Executive Assistant to Hamilton Rowe and is now the Country Manager for the Philippines team. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Airline Office Administration and has over 8 years of experience in EA role. She is responsible for email and calendar management, project management, scheduling of conference meetings and appointments, prepares reports and PowerPoint presentations, takes the meeting minutes, handles flight and hotel accommodations, and processes expenses. She has experience working in various industries like supply chain and logistics, BPO/Call Center, and Pharmaceutical.

Understanding the company’s vision, she became passionate about educating people on the importance of nutrient-dense food and its significant impact on our health.

Outside work, Elle is currently studying different languages, loves to read, an anime lover, plays the guitar, enjoys music, and is into sports.

Patch Perido

Executive Assistant to the Director

Patch Perido works as an Executive Assistant to the Director and one of Hybrid AG’s leading nutritionists, Judah Rowe.  

She is a meticulous, attention to detail, task-driven Executive Assistant with over 10 years of administrative experience in managing client-focused office operations. Equipped with the ability to facilitate all aspects of internal and external communications, support the day-to-day administrative, financial, and operational functions by working collaboratively with all levels. 

She supports transforming food for health because she values the life of her loved ones, friends, pets, and colleagues, and she believes good health and life longevity comes with good healthy food.  

Patch belongs to a family of singers, that’s why she loves singing, playing guitar and piano as well as writing original songs. She is a mother of one and her biggest dream is to fulfill her purpose of giving life, not a perfect one, but a better life for her son.

Rolan Mapalo

Accounts Payable Specialist

Rolan is a highly creative accounting professional with over 10 years of experience working in corporate setting both local & international. He is also knowledgeable in financial statement preparation such as A/P & A/R functions, budgeting, and cash flow management.

Rolan recently joined Hybrid-Ag as Accounts Payable Specialist for both Hybrig-Ag & Spectrum accounts. He is responsible for processing outgoing payments owed by the company to suppliers and other creditors in compliance with financial policies & procedures. He performs day to day financial transactions, including receiving, processing, verifying and reconciling invoices. Reconcile the accounts payable ledger to ensure that all bills and payments are accounted for and properly posted. Verify and investigate discrepancies, if any, by reconciling vendor accounts and monthly vendor statements.

Rolan is an ambitious and self- motivated professional with exceptional organizational skills. Fast learning, dynamic and enthusiastic, skilled in problem solving and maintaining accuracy. Possesses an insatiable drive to achieve and exceed goals.

Trina Miguel

Purchasing & Logistics Assistant

Trina is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and has a 2 years relevant experience in Purchasing & Logistics.
She has an experience and knowledge in construction, purchasing, logistics, warehousing & inventory.

She is responsible for Requesting Quotation from suppliers and PO issuance of Raw materials, Freight and Logistics Operations with the help of Purchasing & Logistics Officer. Part of her duty is to update the monitoring of batch number, delivery notes, job list, imports, stock count and dispatch.

Trina is a pet lover and has two lovable dogs. She loves cooking, listening to music, watching movies and hanging out with friends and family in her free time.

Steave Petrie

Program Manager and Team Leader – Broadacre & Pasture

Steave is one of our experienced senior broadacre agronomists.  His agricultural career started with a 2,000Ha family-run dryland cropping farm in Northern Riverina (NSW).  Leaving farming Steave moved into managing a corporate rural merchandise branch which then led him into starting his own rural merchandise business in his local village, Tallimba (NSW).  Looking to diversify his business Steave was introduced to crop and soil nutrition where he worked firstly as an agent for 2 years, then as the NSW Nutrition Agronomist for a WA based nutrition company for an additional 4 years.  Steave is in his 3rd season with Hybrid-Ag and now works firstly as a Nutrition Agronomist across Southern NSW and North-West Victoria as well as Team Leader for the Hybrid-Ag Broadacre Team.  Steave is passionate about providing value, both agronomic and economic, to his and his team’s Growers through good soil and plant health.

Nathan Katseli

Nathan Katseli

Technical Nutrition Specialist

Nathan heads up the Western Australia support network, responsible for the creation and implementation of customised nutrition programs and technical support to assist Program Managers, Certified Partners, and Growers.

Nathan specialises in all things broadacre optimization and planning, assisting growers to achieve the best possible outcomes in terms of yield, crop quality and crop profitability.

Nathan is passionate about the connection between ours soils, our food, and our minds.

Jae Nejudne

UI/UX Designer

Jae is the UI/UX designer crafting user-friendly and functional interfaces for Hybrid-Ag’s AI-Ag software. Her focus is on creating a platform that is both intuitive for users and aligns with the company’s vision and mission. When not designing, Jae enjoys tackling challenges like CrossFit workouts and chess games (though she readily admits she’s a beginner at both!). She also likes to take long walks and watch the sunrise.

Emily Corbett

Program Manager

Emily works within Hybrid-Ag’s Support and Research Centre (SRC), providing agronomic and sales to the technical team, Certified Partners, and growers.


Emily studies Agriculture at the University of Melbourne and Dookie College. She grew up on her family farm in the Yarra Valley, which inspired her to pursue a career in agronomy. She is a highly motivated problem solver and brings a wealth of first-hand grower experience to the team.


Emily is actively involved within her local community and a member of the Yarra Valley Young Farmers and Yarra Valley Agribusiness Committee.

Alexander Grant

Program Manager

Alex is a Broadacre Crop and Pasture Agronomist with a particular passion for broadacre cropping systems. He studied at Sydney University, where he achieved at Bachelor Degree with Honours in Agricultural Science. Since Graduation he has managed a largescale cropping operation in Kenya, where he is originally from, before returning to Eastern Australia’s Southern Wheat Belt to pursue a career as a Broadacre Agronomist with Hybrid-Ag.

Alex’s passion for developing long term sustainable Broadacre and Pasture systems through correct nutritional management of crops and more detailed understanding of soils has driven him in his Career Development. Through building and maintaining more healthy Agricultural Ecosystems Alex looks to reduce growers’ reliance on Agro Chemistry moving forward.

In his spare time Alex enjoys the outdoors and all that comes with it, fishing, skiing, bike riding and hiking to name a few. He is a keen sportsman and is involved in sports teams wherever he calls home at any time.

Bruce Armstrong

Senior Broadacre Agronomist

Bruce is a Senior Broadacre Crop and Pasture Agronomist for Hybrid Ag, based in Southern NSW. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture) from Charles Sturt University.

Bruce has over 25 years of experience in Crop and Pasture Agronomy, with a particular focus on Soil and Plant health.

Bruce was raised and continues to work on his mixed farming enterprise.

This has allowed Bruce to apply Agronomy knowledge and skills and to gain valuable insights into the current challenges of agriculture today. Bruce has a strong passion for improving soil health and implementing sustainable farm practises whilst aiming to maximising profit. He is committed to increase growers knowledge, skills and success of their agri-business endeavours.

Lintern Fairbrother

Program Manager

Lintern is a dedicated advocate for sustainable agriculture, with a passion for helping people and preserving the environment through mindful resource use. With a career spanning research, exploration, and organics recycling, Lintern has discovered that the most effective and direct way to make a positive impact is through agriculture. With a strong academic background and extensive experience across multiple sectors, Lintern is committed to providing innovative solutions and implementing nutrition agronomy to improve agricultural practices and promote healthy living.

Jamie Granger

Broadacre Territory Manager

Jamie grew up in a small rural town in New Zealand’s South, known for producing apples, kiwifruit, hops, and you guessed it…sheep.

In 2007, at the ripe age of 18, Jamie moved to Western Australia with intentions of carving out a career in Mining, but a blessing in disguise called the GFC quickly changed that. Jamie unexpectedly landed in a position managing a portfolio of customers for Australia largest Hand Tool manufacturer, which was the beginning of a now decade and a half long career in Sales/Customer Management. The key to any of his success has always been in fostering long-term relationships, and always looking for opportunities to bring value to his clients, he is now applying these same principles to his broadacre farming clients.

After coming in to contact with Hybrid Ag and feeling very aligned with their vision of “Transforming food for health” it motivated Jamie to pursue a change of industry, and now his energy is being spent learning all things agronomy, particularly focussing on broadacre and pasture, and continuing to service and bring value to his customers.

These days Jamie lives and works out of Bunbury WA with his Wife and two boys enjoying all of the great things that the South West of WA has to offer.

Nathan Strawbridge

Graduate Agronomist

Nathan is a graduate nutritional agronomist based in the Adelaide Hills, SA. He is passionate about agroecology and optimising the health of our food systems and ultimately humans and the environment.

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Science specialising in Regenerative Agriculture from Southern Cross University and has developed an understanding of soil science through his professional engagement with Soil Science Australia and research in soil biology at the University of Adelaide. He has a particular interest in horticulture and viticulture which was developed through his work at a biodynamic farm over a few years.

Outside of work, Nathan enjoys spending time with his family in nature – hiking and mountain biking.

Breanna Fountain

Undergraduate Nutrition Agronomist

Bre is studying Bachelor of Agriculture at The University of Melbourne and Dookie College. She has grown up on her family farm which runs angus beef and is on a regeneration pathway to restore the native pasture her families cattle graze.

She has always had a passion for the environment and farming in a way that woks in conjunction with mother nature, not against it. This has led her to pursue a career in Agronomy, specifically in broadacre pasture and cropping. Allowing her to assist likeminded farmers to achieve the optimal outcomes in regard to crop quality, soil fertility, building organic matter in the soil to restore and sequester carbon, specific grazing managements to allow for optimal growth of pastures. Bre is very passionate about her job. She can work through any problems that arise and always has a smile on her face in doing so.

Outside of work Bre enjoys working on her family farm, horse riding, and spending time with her family and friends.

James White

Undergraduate Agronomist

James grew up on his family’s beef cattle operation in Barnawartha and gained extensive experience working for grape, sheep, dairy, and grain growers throughout Victoria and NSW. Currently, he is in his third year of studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University. He is a youth member of Riverine Plains Inc and involved with ICMJ meat judging. James is passionate about helping farmers implement strategies to increase plant resilience through excellent nutrition to improve crop, livestock, and ultimately human health while reducing reliance on chemical management.


In addition to his love for agriculture, James aspires to get a pilot’s license and provide services to rural farms by air.

Carly Yashenko

Nutri Hub Team Leader

Carly is responsible for a broad spectrum of activities within our Administration and Finance Team and manages our Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functions. She helps manage our systems,  sets up customer accounts and controls the dispatch of soil and leaf test samples.

Carly has been with the company for over 3 years, and in that time has been instrumental in helping the streamline the accounting function.

Carly is a keen cross-fitter and enjoys the great food and wine our region has to offer.

Chelsea Hall

Program Manager – Horticulture, Viticulture & Small Crop

Chelsea is one of Hybrid-Ag’s Program Managers who started as a graduate agronomist and has since grown to become one of the most respected members of the Hybrid-Ag technical team.

Having studied Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne, she is passionate about assisting growers to improve their crop quality, yield and their outcomes. Although Chelsea has developed a strong understanding across a broad range of crop types and sectors, her passion is in viticulture, wine production and the history of wine.

Chelsea is fast becoming one of the most popular team members with both growers and colleagues alike.

Paul Hayward

Operations Manager

Paul is the Operations Manager at Hybrid-Ag responsible for overseeing our custom dry blend manufacturing facility and liquid fertiliser production plant.


Paul has been with the company for over ten years. During that time, he has been instrumental in the development of the manufacturing facility and management of the operational team. Paul is passionate about safety and improving productivity.


Paul has two amazing children and is a keen cyclist, often riding hundreds of kilometres each day before work.

Huw Ambrosio

Purchasing & Logistics Officer

Huw is responsible for Hybrid-Ag’s raw materials purchasing and managing our freight and logistics operations. He brings extensive experience to his role from his global exposure to agricultural business in the USA & Australia.

After spending several years at Hybrid-Ag, Huw and his family relocated the USA. In 2021, Huw retuned to Australia with his wife and three children and recommenced his career at Hybrid-Ag to help further develop our operational functions.

Pramod Joy

Liquid Team Leader

Pramod is another family man, with 2 children. Pramod also owns a collection of exotic tropical fish, which take a lot of care and attention. Pramod is the team leader in our liquid production facility, with a very hands-on approach to helping the team meet production targets for all liquid products. You’ll always see Pramod with a big smile on his face!

Simon Smith

Western Australia Plant Manager

With a family of 5, Simon always has his hands full! Simon is a bit of a car afficionado and has been known to run a very quick quarter mile! He is also very talented at many sports and often will play competitive football and rugby games on the same weekend!

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