Agri-Vive NPK

Agri-Vive NPK

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Agri-Vive is a premium quality, world-class, liquid fertiliser range, using cutting edge technology to create a unique fusion between high potency N:P:K liquids and a broad spectrum of ‘active carbon’ organic ingredients. Hybrid-Ag has created a very special, biologically buffered plant nutrient Liquid.

We begin with a base of ultra-concentrated, pH balanced ‘hot mix’ N:P:K liquids, manufactured in a controlled reaction between pure, technical grade ingredients.

This pure base is then reacted with unique Heptonate Chelators and Fulvic acids, a process which binds the pure N:P:K liquids into complex carbohydrate chains.

This complexing totally alters the way the nutrients react, making their uptake far more efficient as well as eco-friendly.

A comprehensive range of trace elements completes the package of a class-leading liquid nutrient blend. To this very unique blend we then add liquid kelp, aloe vera, amino acids, hydrolysed fish and polysaccharides. Individually, these ingredients are very useful plant stimulants, microorganism food sources or both. Combining significant amounts of them together creates a SYNERGY – where all the components together give a greater result than all of them would give if applied individually.

Agri-Vive gives truly exceptional performance in the field. The natural additives in the blend, when used as a foliar spray, help to adhere the nutrient solution to the leaf, allowing ample time for the nutrients to penetrate the leaf and enter the plant’s nutrient transportation system.

Agri-Vive has been formulated for use in both fertigation and foliar applications, with only the highest quality ingredients used. Available in a class-leading range of blends that gives you the ability to tailor the product to specifically suit your property.

Application Rates

8-15 litres per hectare or as advised

Watered in
20-50 litres per hectare or as advised

Dilution Rate

1:20 or as advised

Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Stir well before use.