Nutri-Core CN

Nutri-Core CN

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Quality Calcium Nitrate Liquid

The Nitrogen in Cal Nitrate liquid is fully available to plants and provides an immediate and predictable growth response. Calcium is an essential nutrient for development of all plant tissue.


Cal Nitrate Liquid can be the major Nitrogen source in a fertiliser program or strategically used at specific times in the development of crops, in conjunction with other fertilisers. Cal Nitrate Liquid can be applied through the irrigation system, or as a foliar spray. Cal Nitrate Liquid has been specially formulated with Fulvic Acid chelators to enhance the efficiency of the Calcium and Nitrogen uptake into the plant.

Advantages of Nutri-Core CN

  • Calcium Nitrate cannot be lost to the atmosphere like Urea or Ammonia based fertilisers
  • Cal Nitrate liquid is not affected by temperature, so nutrients are still available when conditions are cold & wet
  • Cal Nitrate Liquid does not contain harmful chlorides or heavy metals, and is not acidifying to the soil.
  • Nitrate Nitrogen aids in maintaining apical dominance in broadacre crops

Application Rates

10-20 litres per hectare or as advised

20-50 litres per hectare or as advised

Dilution Rate

1:20 or as advised

Typical Analysis

Major Elements w/v%
Nitrogen 12.4%
Calcium 14.8%
Fulvix 6.0%

Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Stir well before use.