Pearl Surge MGM

Pearl Surge MGM

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Pearl Surge is a biologically enhanced compound Nitrogen fertiliser. It is formulated using a combination of quick-release and slower-release Nitrogens, Sulfur and Humalite Carbon. Pearl Surge is the perfect top-dress and pre-drill/sowing Nitrogen fertiliser for our crops.
Being a compound granule means that all nutrients are delivered in one granule, which ensures even distribution in the paddock compared to granule blends which can have segregation issues during transport. Pearl Surge is a hard, low dust, free flowing granule that is suitable for top-dressing application by spreader or for banding through an air-seeder at sowing.

Using a combination of Urea, Sulphate of Ammonia and Humalite Carbon, this homogenous granule is the perfect source of Nitrogen and Sulphur for your crops. The Carbon not only protects the volatile Urea Nitrogen from atmospheric volatilisation and loss within the
soil, but it also controls the release pattern of the Nitrogen, ensuring a steadier delivery to the plant. The plant-available Sulphur helps improve Nitrogen uptake and utilisation and is vital for the formation of protein.

Pearl Surge, with its combination of Nitrogen and sulfur, is the ideal top-dress or sowing Nitrogen fertiliser for your crops. With integrated Carbon, this granule is much less likely to suffer losses and it maximises yield whilst helping build soil microbial levels for long term farm sustainability.

Suggested Rates

Broadacre 40-120Kg/Ha banded at sowing
Broadacre 50-200Kg.Ha top-dress