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Gibberellic Acid

Ecogibb is an extremely efficient and highly concentrated state-of-the-art plant growth regulator with proved benefits all over the world.

Hybrid-Ag’s Ecogibb 400SG (soluble granule) formulation has many benefits including:

  • One of the most concentrated formulations on the market
  • Improved solubility
  • Improved uptake and absorbtion
  • Convenient to handle, transport and store
  • Very stable over time, even in a wide range of temperatures

Ecogibb can be used in many and varied situations to improve increased cell expansion, which provides an increase in fruit size, firmness and quality.

It is also essential in providing greater fruit set and higher yields in many crops. Ecogibb 400SG is used extensively in table grapes to enhance elongation and increase light penetration.

Typical Analysis

Major Elements w/v%
Giberellic Acid 40.0%

Fruit Specific Benefits

Table Grapes

  • Elongates and loosens clusters to enhance air circulation and light penetration
  • Decreases berry set, reduces thinning costs
  • Increases berry size and quality


  • Increases fruit set and yield
  • Delays rind aging
  • Reduces physiological disorders
  • Delays maturity for a more orderly harvest


  • Increases fruit size
  • Improves fruit firmness and quality
  • Delays maturity for a more orderly harvest


  • Increases fruit set and yield

Application Rates

25-250g per hectare or as advised. Actual rates and applications vary depending on crop type. Please consult your agronomist for final rates for crops.

Dilution Rate

0.2g/ per litre or as advised

Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Stir well before use.