Dry Prescription Blend

Dry Prescription Blend

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Humax 50 Based Prescription Blend – This unique material is the base product used in our Prescription Blends.

Humax-50 is a concentrated, high-carbon, compost-type material made using a custom mix of carefully selected high carbon materials of varying densities, including brown coal and paramagnetic materials, in an accurately controlled activation process. Brown coal contains up to 40% humic acid, a broad range of trace minerals and holds many times its own weight in water.

Mixed into the product during the activation period is a large inoculation of specifically selected microorganisms along with a massive spectrum of microbe food sources. This creates a chain reaction of microbial growth that is sustained at ideal levels for many weeks. Unlike conventional composts that include animal wastes, the process never ‘overcooks’ at excessive temperatures because of the stabilizing effect of the carbons and so maintains the immense beneficial fungal and bacterial poplations. When used as the base of a prescription blended fertiliser, Humax-50 works like a big ‘sponge’ with the active carbons soaking up the nutrients that we have added to it to exactly suit a soil we have tested.

Humax Fertiliser Blends

This process dramatically alters the release patterns of the soluble nutrients, mimicking the natural process of nutrient delivery. This carbon bonding makes the added nutrients far more efficient and reduces any issues associated with losses due to leaching or volatilization. Hybrid-Ag has the ability to blend custom fertiliser mixes using NPK, Limes and Gypsum and all other required nutrients with the Humax to provide the most effective fertiliser for your soil. This gives Hybrid Ag the ability to use powdered ingredients instead of traditional granular products resulting in a much more efficient nutrient delivery system to the plant. One of the very special features of this mix is the way it provides a natural home for the added and activated microorganisms, allowing them to survive and thrive in the soils they are applied to.

One of the major challenges to introducing microorganisms into depleted soils is that a majority will not survive in the hostile environment they have been put into. Humax-50 provides a virtual ‘bridge’ that gives the microorganisms a chance to adapt to their new surroundings and begin to deliver their benefits to the soil.