Mycro-Tec Lockout Liquid

Mycro-Tec Lockout Liquid

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Proprietary 3 Species Biological Exudate Liquid

Beneficial Microbial lnnoculant

There are a number of species of microorganisms that have been identified as being effective in helping to control a broad spectrum of diseases. Two that have been researched in depth, and have been proven to assist in combating disease are:

• Trichoderma spp. eg T. harzianum

• Bacillus spp. eg B. amyloliquefaciens

These potentially beneficial microorganisms often produce metabolites (natural chemicals) that assist plants to grow as well as inhibiting the growth of other disease causing microbes. These beneficial microorganisms live in close association with plants root systems and produce compounds that solubilise fertilisers as well as protecting their own immediate environment (the rhizosphere) from invasion by plant disease-causing organisms. The addition of synergistic species to the soil works far better than the addition of a single species and there needs to be many of them to compete with the disease population already present.

The colonisation of the rhizosphere in a Tree Crop environment has proved difficult because of: High Nutrient Removal, Orchard Traffic, Chemical Weed Control, Insecticide Use and an Intensive Fertiliser Fungicidal Disease Management Program.

Industry Leads & Innovators

Hybrid-Ag has been researching and developing biology and its benefits to Plant and Soil health over two decades. The use of biology in soils and plants is not a new science to Hybrid-Ag and we have now developed a ground breaking, chemical-free product, which stimulates the rapid formation of beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere of the plant. This product based upon world first proprietary technology is now launched under the trade name Lockout. Lockout contains multiple strains of Biology and is specifically produced to use in Horticulture using this new technology.

Application Rates

Preventative Application
5 litres of Lockout Liquid and 50 grams of Lockout Powder per hectare or as advised

Light Infection
10 litres of Lockout Liquid and 100 grams of Lockout Powder per hectare or as advised

Heavy Infection
20 litres of Lockout Liquid and 200 grams of Lockout Powder per hectare or as advised

Dilution Rate
1:20 or as advised Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Stir well before use

NASAA Organic Certified 3620M.

Typical Analysis

Major Elements w/v%
Proprietary biological blend of beneficial micro-species including Trichoderma spp, Streptomyces spp and Bacillius spp. 100%