Nutri-Core NP

Nutri-Core NP

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Nutri-Core NP is an excellent source of Phosphorous and Nitrogen, with the Phosphorous being in the form of polyphosphate and the Nitrogen being an Ammonium form. With Carbohydrates and Fulvic Acid added in for maximum plant uptake, Nutri-Core NP can be fertigated for
rapid uptake of Phosphorous and Nitrogen.

With polyphosphates, between half and three-quarters of the Phosphorous is unavailable immediately due to being in the form of polymer chains. The remaining Phosphorous (orthophosphate) is immediately available for plant uptake. With exposure to soil, enzymes produced by soil microorganisms and plant roots break down the polymer phosphate chains into molecules the plants can digest, though some of the polyphosphates will decompose even without the enzymes. The enzyme activity typically happens more rapidly in moist, warm soils. Nutri-Core NP is also an excellent Calcium solubiliser, and is much more effective than traditional solid phosphorus-based fertilizers, especially on soils with a high Calcium content.

Application Rates

  • 20-50L/Ha Fertigated
  • 20L/Ha as a starter fertiliser in broadacre crops

Typical Analysis

Major Elements w/v%
Phosphorus 16%
Nitrogen 11%