Nutri-Core Multi-N

Nutri-Core Multi-N

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Post Harvest Nitrogen Delivery

Multi-N is a specifically formulated liquid Nitrogen combining two forms of Nitrogen to ensure the most efficient uptake into the plant.

New data on the efficiency of Nitrogen Uptake is revolutionizing Fertilizer applications in Horticulture in Australia. Typically, Australian Farmers have put large amounts of Ammonium Nitrate on the ground to obtain the growth responses required, with the focus being on
units of N per Ha. This approach pays very little regard to how much Nitrogen is actually getting into the plant. By changing this thought process and applying the Nitrogen in a dramatically more efficient manner, as well as in multiple forms, horticulturalists are now
able to significantly reduce the units of Nitrogen used to achieve the same or better results.

How is this possible?

By adding the nitrogen in a much more plant available form, the plant has the ability to assimilate the Nitrogen up into the plant much faster. The forms of nitrogen found in Multi-N are extremely efficient for the plant to convert to protein, thus saving it valuable energy that the
plant can then put towards increased growth. Multi-N increases the mineral density of the plant as the nitrogen process ‘powers’ the sugar development in the plant.

Through the combination of both Urea and Calcium Nitrate forms of Nitrogen, this allows both Nitrogen and Calcium to be immediately translocated within the plant for sugar development and Calcium storage at the seasons end.

Multi-N is also easy to use. It is a workable product suitable for liquid injection, boom spray or even fertigation, available in a range of pack sizes.

Application Rates

5-30 litres per hectare or as advised

30-200 litres per hectare or as advised

Dilution Rate

1:20 or as advised

Typical Analysis

Major Elements w/v%
Nitrogen 20.0%
Calcium 6.0%
Fulvic Acid 0.5%

Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Stir well before use.