Pasture Feast

Pasture Feast

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Pasture Feast is designed to supply a range of major and micro elements to a pasture. However, it also has the capacity to do much more than make grass grow.

Pasture Feast has been blended with a number of natural extracts that include kelp, fish emulsion, fulvic acid, aloe vera and poly saccharide chelating agents in a suspension concentrate.

These naturally occurring plant and microbe stimulants are coupled with an ultrafine lime to deliver not only a more nutritious and healthier plant for stock, but also a tonic for the soil.

With its wide range of essential minerals, Pasture Feast can be applied to rapidly growing pasture in Autumn or Spring to make it safer and more nutritious for grazing stock. It can be used to assist in the breakdown of cellulose in cereal stubbles and pastures with excessive dry matter.

The combination of energy from the major nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Magnesium, coupled with natural plant hormones such as auxins, betaines, gibberellins, cytokinins and triacontanol provides a powerful inoculant for plant and soil.

For stock health in times of rapid pasture growth we suggest using Pasture Feast at 10-20L/ha in 100L/ha spray solution. It is best applied 2-7 days prior to grazing, targeting the pasture foliage. Applications will last for around 4-6 weeks and may need to be topped up.

Pasture Feast has no withholding period for grazing stock.

For stubble and cellulose breakdown we suggest applying in warm (not hot) moist conditions to assist in the inoculation process. Autumn and late Spring are ideal times, as the microbes need the moist warmish conditions to thrive and start the decomposition process.

Application Rates

The rates for cellulose breakdown applications vary with the levels of dry matter.

  • Dry matter of 1-5t/ha requires 10-20L/ha in 80-100L/ha water.
  •  Dry matter of 5-1 0t/ha requires 40L/ha in 100-150L/ha water.

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