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Power-Mag is based on the world’s best and latest Magnesium Technology for plants.

Essential plant micronutrients are complexed in an organic sugar alcohol to create a highly efficient foliar trace element fertiliser. The small molecular size and delivery package containing humectants, spreading and penetrant agents further ensures that the complexed nutrients are phloem and xylem mobile.

Magnesium Mobility in Plants

Magnesium is a relatively mobile element in plants but causes some well-known disorders. Power-Mag is specifically designed to provide magnesium to plants more efficiently than other forms of magnesium. Power-Mag sugar alcohol complexes the magnesium ion enabling it to move into the plant via the phloem, where the sugars move more easily towards the growth forming locations. Once Power-Mag magnesium reaches the fruit forming tissue the sugar bond breaks down and the magnesium flows to where it is needed.

Features of Power-Mag

  • Builds tissue magnesium levels, improving disease resistance and drought tolerance
  • Improves cell structure
  • Improves overall quality, weight and texture
  • Eliminates hidden Magnesium deficiencies and hunger signs
  • Contains 100% Soluble and plant available nutrients utilising the Power-Mag delivery system
  • Contains leaf penetrants and translocation aids to enhance root and foliar uptake
  • Does NOT contain chlorides which can cause serious leaf injury
  • Rapidly absorbed into the plant

Magnesium aids in the formation and strength of cell walls and is necessary for the development of plants. It is also required for early root growth and strong new top growth.

Application Rates

4-10 litres per hectare or as advised


Dilution Rate

1:20 or as advised

Typical Analysis

Major Elements w/v%
Magnesium (as Sugar Alcohol) 6.7%
Nitrogen 7.6%
Boron 0.2%
Fulvic Acid 0.4%
Carbohydrates 18.0%

Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Stir well before use.