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Hybrid Ag is committed to our purpose of Transforming food for Health. We are able to live this purpose through how we operate every day. The foundation of EDUCATE, APPLY, TRANSFORM provides our growers and agronomists with a clear and transparent communication platform that ensures we can maximise outcomes together. Nutrient Management when truly put into a collaborative approach can have a profound impact on crop health enabling live decision making.



The educate process starts with gaining a detailed understanding of the Farm we are working with – Management styles, History, Microclimate, crop types and goals – collating a powerful bank of information. Our Motto – Test, Don’t Guess is the platform, that guides both the Agronomist and the Grower together. Combined with an in-depth understanding of soil and Plant science that draws extensively on Global research, the result is a truly transformative approach to building a nutrient Management plan. At this point the Program goals are planned out and written down and the desired outcomes are agreed upon. This ensures accountability from both the Consultant the Grower.


Here is where the rubber hits the road, Combining desired outcomes with extensive data and observations on plant stage, soil conditions, seasonal weather patterns and global research an indepth Nutrient Management Plan for the season is to put together for each crop type being grown. Once in the season a clearly defined testing regime using Differential Sap Analysis is adhered to and timely nutrient applications are made from these results.


The harvest period and season wrap up is as important as any stage throughout the crop cycle. Here we celebrate the wins and successes, record the things we could have done better and scorecard ourselves against the Program Goals. We take tests of the Harvestable yield and benchmark our Nutrient Density and quantify our Nutrient Removals. This ensure we are constantly learning and evolving and building data banks to start next year one step further ahead. It is here that we truly enjoy the relationship that we have with each other and Mother Nature as we TRANSFORM the quality of our food, and our understanding of Nutrient Management.

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