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About Us

Since our very beginnings, we’ve been drawn by a vision of creating better quality food to improve human health. And through staying true to that vision, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and innovating our methods, to increase the transformative results we are able to achieve.




It all started with one man’s quest for health.

The story begins with our founder Tom Rowe, experiencing sickness and fatigue that doctors could not identify a cause for.

His search for answers led him to trial eating only organic food, which made an immediate and dramatic improvement to his health. Further research uncovered his severe sensitivity to the pesticides used in commercial farming – which end up in the food we eat.

This startling realisation sparked a quest for more information. Tom and his family started to look at the food we eat in more depth – to the connection between soil mineral balance and plant health – to the falling nutrient content of our fruit and veg, and the declining physical health of our society.

The realisation that followed was clear as day – you can fix your health by improving the quality of food you eat. This is not new knowledge – Hippocrates quote “let thy food be thy medicine” was from around 400 BC…. nor is it a remarkable revelation to the many who research the subject. What has become abundantly clear however, is that some 2500 years since that statement, we still have only a beginning knowledge of how to quantify what true, high quality, nutrient dense food  actually looks like – and that we have a very significant amount yet to learn on this most important subject.

Organic” in many aspects, is a step forward, as is regenerative farming – but we have to take it further and focus on actual food nutrient density outcomes, which is the true measure of food quality and integrity

So how do we improve the food we eat? The answer is as simple as it is complex – by improving the mineral balance and biological health of our soils, which in turn dramatically improves the health of the plants grown in those soils.

Hybrid Ag was founded with the mission to create the better food we know is possible.

Starting in a facility in Melbourne in 2001, we focussed on comprehensive analysis services and custom-tailored nutrient programs, Hybrid-Ag are pioneers in this unique space of “prescription nutrient delivery” utilising the best of organic principles along with accurate nutrient provision.

As demand for our services rapidly grew, a decision was made to move the premises to Wangaratta, North East Victoria. Strategically situated on the Hume Highway we have complete control over the entire supply chain, from sourcing raw materials through to manufacturing, packaging and supply.

It is an honour to acknowledge that we are building on the research and learnings of pioneers who spent their lives investigating soil health and the plants that it supports. Inspirational researchers from William Albrecht to Carey Reams to Phillip Callaghan – an inspiring list of brilliant, enquiring minds – we are happy to share a list of links if you get in touch. We now work with some of the brightest and best researchers globally – pushing scientific discovery in soil and plant physiology.

Our Purpose

What if the “superfoods” that will truly improve your health – are simply any foods grown specifically to achieve optimum nutritional density? We understand that much of the food grown decades ago was significantly richer in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants and polyphenols than much of the food grown today. Hybrid-Ag is passionate about educating people about the importance of food nutrient density and the significant beneficial impact this can have on our health and the environment. We help people to apply this knowledge, with a view to transform food quality as we know it today. We want to see growers reach for a quality beyond what is currently accepted. Consumers should know about the nutrient content of their food – and farmers should be striving to bring back the nutrient dense food of our past. With our passion, influence, scientific understanding, and technological application – we are driven to achieve a better standard of food for our world.

Our Commitment

Everything we do revolves around achieving the best possible results for the grower. We work closely with growers and agronomists to achieve a clear, specific outcome for their crops that increases the quality of their produce, improves their yields, and grows their profits.

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We’re creating a new food standard to revolutionise nutrient density for growers and consumers. Join our movement to transform food quality for the years to come.

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