Experience and focus in soil and plant nutrition

Hybrid-Ag was established in Melbourne in 2002 with the sole focus of supplying the agricultural market with high quality prescription blended soil and plant nutrient solutions. At that time a market was emerging that was demanding higher quality and higher profitability at lower prices. Through careful analysis of the soil and plants and applying the relevant nutrients in a buffered and balanced manner, the results required began to speak for themselves.

As the name ‘Hybrid’ (combination) & ‘Ag’ (agriculture) suggests, the best knowledge, products and agricultural practice available from all areas of the industry were extensively researched and combined to develop a very unique approach that guarantees ‘Sustainable Solutions’ for today and responsible outcomes for the next generation.

As demand for our services rapidly grew, a decision was made to move the premises to Wangaratta, North East Victoria. Strategically situated on the Hume Highway our manufacturing plant has been meticulously set up to produce the highest quality product on time, every time.

Hybrid-Ag has complete control over the entire supply chain, from sourcing raw materials through to manufacturing, packaging and supply. We also operate our own heavy delivery vehicles, ensuring the experience is as smooth and streamlined as possible.


To apply our experience and focus in soil and plant nutrition to help growers achieve maximum quality and yield in a manner that is environmentally, socially and economically profitable. And… to provide a superior range of highly effective and environmentally sustainable soil and plant nutrient programs.


The Hybrid-Ag approach to soil and turf nutrition – developed over many years and continually refined – is based on the concept of complete, balanced and complexed nutrient delivery along with the nurturing of soil and plant biology.

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Today, as never before, consumers are questioning the environmental impact of the way their food is grown and driving demand for better quality food with higher nutritional value. As a result of this awareness, there is a significant shift in practices toward more sustainable systems both in Australia and overseas. Hybrid-Ag is able to share with growers, numerous intelligent combinations of biological inputs with more conventional options, giving a more sustainable, cost effective system of nutrient delivery.

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