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Precede is a premium seed coating and priming liquid, designed to deliver nutrients in an ideal balance directly to the root zone of the seed for the ultimate seed startup for the season.

Precede is a premium liquid of which 50% is a concentrated blend of Kelp, Fish, Fulvic Acid, Aloe Vera, Sugars and other herbal extracts to stimulate and support microbial activity around the seed.

The other 50% is a proprietary nutrient mix with a focus on Zinc and Manganese, but which also includes a wide range of additional trace and micro-trace elements which are included for their effects on increasing early Nitrogen availability and Nitrogen conversion.

Precede addresses the natural nutrient imbalances that exist in the seed, allowing the seed to have a more balanced, consistent nutrient uptake early in its life cycle.

Precede improves seedling vigour, rooting and the overall root architecture of the plant. Due to the increased early root mass, this allows the plant to have an enhanced ability to uptake water and nutrient from the soil profile for the greatest usage efficiency from the asset of your soil.

Due to the increased root mass, plants have greater resilience, allowing them to overcome and combat environmental and biological stresses.

Application Rates

4-6L per ton of seed or as advised.

Typical Analysis