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Mycro-Start is based on a liquefied extract of worm digested compost, this remarkable liquid contains a huge bio-diversity of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and other microbes in a natural blend of plant available nutrients, humic & fulvic acid and phyto hormones. When brewed this gives a consistently high quality inoculum with excellent numbers and diversity of microbes which have significant competitive action against disease organisms. It also can be used as a seed and root dip treatment to give a high concentration of beneficial organisms in the seedling zone.



Stimulates enzymes; Acts as an organic catalyst; Encourages soil microorganisms; Increases root respiration and formation; Increases plant membrane permeability; Increases nutrient trans location.


Increases soil cation exchange capacity; Improves buffering capacity; Rich in organic & mineral substances; Retains water soluble fertilisers in the soil.


Improves friability of soil; Improves soil aeration; Increases water holding capacity; Reduces soil erosion.

Application Rates

Watered in 2-5 litres per hectare or as advised Dilution rate 1:50 – 1:200 or as advised.
Use maximum practical water rates.
Add to water and for best results mix with equal parts of Mycro-Feast as a food source.

Typical Analysis


  • Proprietary blend of beneficial microbial populations from worm castings and other sources.

Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Stir well before use.