Pearl Boost

Pearl Boost

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Granular Carbon Blend

Pearl Boost is the ultimate high analysis, low cost granule product with low solubility and high percentage carbon for slower long-term release to drive growth in your plants, whilst also being a valuable renewable source of plant-required nutrients.

A number of studies have been done over time which show that products like Pearl Boost have beneficial effects on soil fertility and plant growth. Additionally, the majority of the Nitrogen in Pearl Boost is present in organic forms, making it ideal for optimum plant uptake.

As well as containing a full range of trace elements, Pearl Boost contains a high percentage of Carbon, with Humic acid built in to encourage soil micro- biology and aid water and moisture retention in the soil profile.

An excellent alternative to products like Super, Pearl Boost is a firm, even nutrient granule which won’t smash up on the spreader spinners and will spread at 20-25m. With low volatility, unlike urea it will last in the paddock during light showers and dews and is safe to use with sown seed in dry conditions.

Application Rates

Broadcast Pearl Boost at 100-500Kg/Ha in broadacre and pasture paddocks.

Band Pearl Boost at 150-250Kg/Ha in tree cropping situations.

Typical Analysis (w/w%)

Nitrogen 6.35%
Phosphorus 3.11%
Potassium 1.39%
Sulfur 0.60%
Calcium 1.17%
Zinc 297 mg/kg
Iron 0.5%
Boron 21 mg/kg
Manganese 244 mg/kg
Carbon 29.5%