Pearl Array K+

Pearl Array K+


Pearl Array K+ is a biologically enhanced compound fertiliser designed for low Potassium soils. It is formulated using a combination of high analysis and slow-release fertilisers coupled with Humalite Carbon. It contains a good combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sulfur and Calcium, all fortified with Carbon, making it the perfect starter fertiliser for your crops.

Being a compound granule means that all nutrients are delivered in one granule, which ensures even distribution in the paddock compared to granule blends which can have segregation issues during transport. Pearl Array K+ is a hard, low dust, free flowing granule that is suitable for application with an air-seeder.

Using a combination of high analysis and slow-release phosphate; Pearl Array provides quick release soluble Phosphorous to your young plants which is then supported by slower release Phosphate which provides a more controlled release over the life of the plant. Pearl Array K+ also contains good levels of soluble Nitrogen, plant available Potassium, plant-available Sulphate Sulfur and slow-release Calcium, providing balanced nutrition for your crops.

The Humalite Carbon component stimulates soil biology, buffers toxicity in soils and increases nutrient absorption by plants. It also buffers the salt index of the high analysis components of the granule, which protects seedling roots against burn so is ideal for single boot seeders, disc seeding systems and for burn sensitive crops.

Pearl Array K+ with its multi-nutrient formulation is the ideal starter fertiliser for your crops. With integrated Carbon Pearl Array delivers balanced nutrition to maximise yield whilst helping build soil microbial levels for long term farm sustainability.

Suggested Rates

Broadacre 40-120Kg/Ha banded at sowing

Typical Analysis