Technical Sheets

Agri-Vive 0:0:30 is a premium-quality,
world-class, liquid fertiliser, using cutting
edge technology to create a unique fusion
between high potency N:P:K liquid and a
a broad spectrum of ‘active carbon’ organic
ingredients. Hybrid-Ag has created a very
special, biologically buffered plant nutrient
We begin with a base of ultra-concentrated,
pH balanced ‘hot mix’ N:P:K liquids,
manufactured in a controlled reaction
between pure, technical-grade ingredients.
This pure base is then reacted with unique
Heptonate Chelators and Fulvic acids, a
a process which binds the pure N:P:K liquids
into complex carbohydrate chains. Through
this process these essential plant nutrients are
complexed in an organic sugar alcohol chelate
to create a highly efficient liquid fertiliser.
This complex totally alters the way the
nutrients react, making their uptake far more
efficient as well as eco-friendly.

2-10 litres per hectare or as advised
Watered in
10-40 litres per hectare or as advised
Dilution rate
1:20 or as advised
Store in a cool place away from sunlight
Stir well before use
NASAA Organic Certified 3620M.